Customer Experience Strategy and Touch-points Management

The contracting global economy, advances in technology, the proliferation in the number of interaction channels, and the increasingly well-informed and mobile consumer base are altering the means, modes, and manner in which consumers engage with brands and companies. Our professionals assist clients to go through the customer experience transformation journey that requires delicate step changes. We help clients in identifying critical touch-points and customer expectations beyond the transaction phase as a key to design an unparalleled unique customer experience.

Sales and Distribution Channels Management

We utilise our featured channel statement model to redefine how companies want their customers -current or potential- to think about and interact with their sales channels relative to competitors. Through this model we help companies to develop and implement tailored blue prints that will help to achieve the highest efficiency and performance. Through real life extensive experience, our experts have identified a set of key elements driving channel performance and we work with companies to develop solutions that will enhance performance through these levers.

Product/Service Strategy Design and Execution

To cope with ever-changing customers whom looking for attributes other than product range and differed payment options, companies are faced with many major challenges and forced to revisit their product portfolios. askbmm helps companies to identify segments that are and potentially receptive to particular features/services/product categories and to decide where to focus based on the company’s capabilities. askbmm served many clients to improve product lifecycle, expand or optimise their product portfolio to achieve greater and optimised outcomes.


In many occasions, companies tend to be destroying the long-term value while making the short-term numbers through pricing strategies. askbmm experts help in exploiting the company’s potential through strategic pricing approach whereby we revisit and redefine the pricing structure, price value performance and pricing policy. Hence, we develop pricing strategies to address the pricing pressures our clients face and run effective frameworks that can deal with price elasticity.

Loyalty and CRM

Increasingly, consumers expect their loyalty not be rewarded through a “program” but as integral part of a holistic customer experience. We help companies to go beyond the paralyses of news letters-focused CRM’s and help them design and implement programs about empowering advocates rather than capturing prisoners. Thus, we help in designing methods, techniques and technologies that companies should use and utilise and will ensure enrolment and achieve value.

Corporate Strategy Design and Activation

Strategy, is the key element for companies to define the problems they are attempting to address, the customers they wish to serve, the framework within they will act and the approach they intend to use to achieve their goals. That’s why we put great effort into developing and activating the optimal strategy whereby companies and/or their individual divisions can serve their current and future markets while optimising cost factors.

Institutionalisation & Family Constitution

Only 30% of family businesses survive into the second generation. Hence, companies often fall short in utilising and implementing their resources and tools to capture the future. Mainly, due to ingrained centralisation, unmanaged decentralisation or simply due to the lack of proper succession planning that leads to complete paralyses of an institute. Our professionals help founders and their institutes to draft the values and principals to conduct the family business and deploy the necessary processes, decision support tools and preformats evaluation mechanisms that will assure the proper model for a company to survive.

Operation, G&A and COGS Efficiency

Companies are struggling to balance between increasing price pressures, shareholders hunger for higher returns and maintaining their ability to grow. Our experts employ rigorous methodology and utilise their extensive expertise to identify possible improvement areas, develop practical solutions suitable for the client’s capabilities and to implement plausible initiatives that allows them to gain substantial advantage in the marketplace. We also focus on prioritising initiatives into waves to assure highest impact out of the optimum efforts expended.

Business and Operational Modelling, Process Restructuring

No strategy works without financial plans, proper models in place, tools and technologies to enable business processes. We assist clients in navigating the complex web of inter company relationships, customer engagement and stakeholder impacts and provide clarity about these interactions over the lifecycle. Then we embark on tailoring a set of solutions that ensures processes alignment with the company’s capabilities and objectives that results in measurable and material impact to the business.

Customer Service and After Sales Management

Customers are getting more accustomed to sophisticated, fast-changing technology environments and their expectations are escalating. They have grown to expect instant, painless service and unfettered access to resources and information. Building a solid customer service foundation is not an easy task. Organizations must not only identify the best technologies for their businesses but must also employ effective processes accompanied with change management strategies to align their people with customer relationship goals. Our team assists clients to build an integrated customer care operations that will encourage customer to provide insights and allows the companies to interfere before the issues arise.

Merges & Acquisitions

We assist companies by offering a way to grow when there is hunger to outperform the market or when they feel organic growth options are limited. Courting acquisition targets or locating a compatible buyer is time consuming and delicate matter that needs to be handled through a robust process to maximize value. Our experienced team specialises in guiding middle and small market companies through neatly prepared and delicately handled acquisition or divestiture processes.

Commercial and Operational Due Diligence

Investors would want to understand if the management plan is plausible and how does it impact the company value; and they often need this job to be completed within few weeks. This is where our experts step in to deliver an objective opinion of the management plan, how much confidence it manifests and what risks it incorporates. Our rigorous due diligence methodology allows us to analyse and validate financial plans, operational models and strategies put forward, making it easier for our clients to structure and negotiate a favourable deal.

Strategic Market Due Diligence, Market Review

Growth through access to new customers and geographic markets as well as discovering untapped adjacent market are the main reasons to search for interesting new opportunities. An important aspect of our service is based on supporting companies to identify suitable markets and assess the opportunities. We deploy a proven methodology that balances between extensive researches – identify all available sources – and well conducted process that will reflect a most-likely market entry case, and provide an indication of confidence in the case helpful for assessing its risks.

Post Merger Integration

Our team has a first hand experience in life after the day when deals are announced. Times where management is keen to have everyday operations run smoothly, while mitigating risk of merger, multiple visions across operations and supporting units need to be consolidated and aligned, processes need to be optimised and growth needs to flawlessly continue; and all come with the difficulties of integrating companies across markets, regions or countries. Our expert team helps companies identify risk, plan the change management roadmaps and ensure adroit implementation.


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Digital and E-Commerce

Companies are sensing the urgency of “positioning” need within the digital frontiers. Our experts work to identify new opportunities, understand the new playground and formulate the optimum winning strategies that will build strong brands, create and realize engaging experiences.


A pioneering strategic consultancy to the retail industry, our professionals assist clients in developing and implementing growth programs with demonstrable impact. We deliver customized solutions to leading retailers that assure sustainable growth and create value. Our team helps companies to understand market dynamics through insights required to make confident experience and fact-based fused decisions that assures greater outcome.

Financial Services

Our broad perspective, deep understanding or market properties and robust methodology helps us to uncover secluded market details that helps companies to effectively response to their crucial strategic challenges. We assist companies to leverage their sales capabilities in enchasing their revenue performance.

Private Equity

Since our early days, we have been assisting private equities and conglomerates to apprehend the plausibility of the management business plan. We know that time is short and skill is absent while the organisation needs the work to be delivered immediately. Then we step in to fulfil the need. Our proven methodology, problem solving ability and outside-the-box thinking allow us to easily define the problem and suggest an actionable solution.

Aviation & Travel

We work with the regions’ leading airport operators, hotels, and hospitality and tourism companies to enhance their strategic positioning and exalt their EBITDA performance. Combining deep passenger and traveller insights with rigorous analysis, we support in building the confidence and provide the tools necessary to find faster, better and cheaper solutions that caters to the opportunity needs.


Our track in health care and pharmaceuticals enables us to derive strong understating of the healthcare environment and the impact of its stakeholders. We help companies to enhance their strategic positioning and increase growth opportunities through efficiency work and optimization of their resource allocations.

Media& Entertainment& Technology

askbmm team comes with a strong and hands-on TMT experience having worked in various telecom, media and technology companies. Yet we believe facts and evidence are stronger with an educated opinion. In today’s world, platforms are shifting along with consumers’ preferences. And this is where we step in to help TMT companies conceptualise the future and build growth sustainable foundations.

Transport and Logistics

It is clear that industry experience is preferred, but we proved it’s never been a must. Our key driver to build a flawless solution is the balance between research and process factors. We work with the largest maritime and freight players helping them to overcome market shifting grounds challenges throughout the value chain. Our experience has helped us build an in-depth understanding of market dynamics, unmet needs/ KOL thinking, trends, and pricing and segmentation environments.

Luxury and Fashion

Our professionals utilise deep insights on customer demand, industry trends and competitor dynamics on one hand, and strategic understanding of the company’s core capabilities on the other to guide luxury and fashion houses to build a true strategy for their brand. Knowing that leveraging is a key, our team helps companies to grow within their segments through brand extensions, optimised portfolios, integrated marketing, procurement, sourcing and retail operation.


Our leadership has a combined experience of more than 30 years in franchising business covering a large spectrum of business services and food franchising. From one end, our experts help companies to develop the optimum franchising formula and model; and from another end help entrepreneurs and conglomerates to seek and acquire a best matched franchise that will fit into their growth strategies. We do not refrain from initiating talks or taking active rolls during negotiations, as we believe this to be part of the deal.

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Who we are

About us

About askbmm

askbmm is a boutique-consulting house originally established in 2007 by three uniquely experienced senior professionals from diverse educational background and possessing a variety of professional experiences. All came together with dedication to deliver grandeur advisory services made to fit to the basic needs of its clients.

askbmm has been the trusted advisor on key challenges and CEO-agenda issues to leading corporations and companies delivering numerous value creation and M&A support work locally and regionally. At askbmm, we aim to serve clients with thoughtful and analytically rigorous work, applying the best tools, with the personalised attention; in an atmosphere that values excellence, teamwork, and dedication.

Why askbmm

Personalized Attention

We’re one of the few firms where partners take active roles during the engagement assuring a direct transfer of knowledge and experience. Our clients also like the added accountability of seeing us on the ground. We promise to do whatever it takes to achieve the outcome and do not rest until we guarantee value is created.

Urgency and Skill

Time is short, skills are absent while the organisation needs the work to be delivered immediately. askbmm steps in to fulfil the need.

Team with Real World Experience

We provide senior-level service and attention on all assignments, large and small. Our team of partners and managers have real-world business experience and are industry experts with consulting capabilities.

We Reinvent The Job

We do not only promise to do the job, but we also help in reinventing the job

We support in building the confidence and provide the tools necessary to find faster, better and cheaper solutions that cater to your opportunity needs

Tailored Service

We tailor our service to the need and not entirely rely on a tried and true off the shelve expertise

We stay at client site to ensure recommendations are being implemented properly and are achieving expected results

Facts and Evidence, Not Opinion

The correct solution is dynamic, hence we go beyond the pretty reports, fancy frameworks and “analysis-paralysis” and deliver actual results with measurable impacts

World-class Analytical and Execution Capabilities

Our team is made of analytically strong graduates from the world’s best universities and business schools all with real life execution experience

Nothing is Worth Our Reputation

While we do understand the need, we do not promise the impossible or the impractical nor leave our clients with a fancy report.


Every team member has the opportunity to work closely with Principals and Partners during engagement and in the office while preparing to new frontiers. This provides a perfect platform to develop core experience skills faster than one would expect at one of the larger firms.

askbmm Consulting is an organisation that believes strongly in having a healthy work-life balance and thus offers very sociable working environment, energised to empower which is rare in top-level strategy consulting firms.

But this means we work better.

We don’t believe in organisational pyramids and assure that our colleagues won’t get lost in the crowd. We keep project teams small while our generalist approach open a window for them to work in a variety of industries. And before they know it, we give our consultants the opportunity to play a visible role in major projects and interact directly with top executives of leading companies that gives them exposure.

our goal isn’t only to hire exceptional people, but to have them stay with us, and lead the company in the future.

Regardless whether you are a fresh graduate, and MBA candidate or an executive with professional track record, you could be in our family tomorrow.

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